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EuroCloud Hrvatska nova je članica EuroCloud Europe

U Londonu je 23. lipnja 2015. EuroCloud Hrvatska primljena u članstvo EuroCloud Europe.

Meeting address: Level39 Technology Acceleratror, Canada One, Canary Wharf, London

ECE General Assembly - application EC Croatia - acceptance voting

Inaugural Address, London, June 23, 2015


Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Thank you for the trust you have bestowed on the EuroCloud Croatia team.

We are truly honoured with membership of EuroCloud Europe.

In this well-defined and highly organized environment, I am sure that we will do our best and that we will be able to fulfil our vision and mission and realize our plans and activities according to the values proposed by EuroCloud Europe.

We are currently studying and developing a sustainable business and financial model for our organization. At the same time we are solving some technical and organizational issues and promoting our presence and programme on the Croatian market. By the beginning of 2016 we will be prepared for the regular annual activities such as:

•  taking part in the ECE Cloud Award,

• organizing the local congress,

• creating regular thematic meetings to start a network,

• translating the existing ECE publications and presenting them in local market

• and other appropriate activities.

Your trust inspires us! In today's rapidly changing and globalized world and business environment, interests are changing from hour to hour. Trust is a good basis for successful long term cooperation.

I hope that our collaboration and cooperation will be successful!

I look forward to a long and successful partnership with you!

Yours faithfully,

President of the Board:

M. Sc. Krešimir Kristić, B. Sc. EE