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Award 2016 EC Countries WINNERS

EuroCloud AWARD 2016 finalists are national winners from nine EuroCloud countries: ES, FR, HR, LU, RO, SI, SL, TR, UK. Thirty Cloud Services in five categories compete against at a European level:

ES Spain

Cloud Bursting like Business "The new Cloud Generation" - TodoenCloud S.L. (3rd cat. Start-ups)

Hybrid Cloud by Cartagon - Cartagon S.L. (4th cat. Transformation)

MediaPlatform - MediaCloud, Unitechnic S.L. (5th cat. Impact)

FR France - (1st cat. Horizontal)

Ogust SelfService - Sykio (2nd cat. Vertical)

IT Advisory as a Service - Nuageo (4th cat. Transformation)

Luxury Attitude Academy - Inseec (5th cat. Impact)

HR Croatia

OpenData Store - Omega Software d.o.o. (1st cat. Horizontal)

ComCloud Delivery Platform - Combis d.o.o. (2nd cat. Vertical)

ComCloud Enterprise Application Store - Combis d.o.o. (4th cat. Transformation)

Private Cloud (ComCloud EAS Combis) - Hrvatska pošta d.d. - Croatian Post (5th cat. Impact)  

LU Luxembourg

‘EBRC Trusted Cloud Europe’ - EBRC S.A. (4th cat. Transformation)

‘U-flex’ - Telindus S.A. (5th cat. Impact)

RO Romania

GTS CloudSuite - GTS Romania (1st cat. Horizontal)

StarCapture Mobile - Star Storage (2nd cat. Vertical)

Great People Inside - Profiles Research and Development (3nd cat. Sturt-ups)

Studio Moderna Cloud Migration - by Zitec (4th cat. Transformation)

Cloud Infrastructure for Public Institutions - Ymens TeamNet (5th cat. Impact)

SI Slovenia

mDocs - Mikrografija d.o.o. (1st cat. Horizontal)

Cloud Secure Element - Medius d.o.o. (3rd cat. Start-ups)

SK Slovakia

National eHealth Information System - NCZI s r.o. (1st cat. Horizontal)

eHUMAN - HOUR, spol. s r. o. (2nd cat. Vertical)

TR Turkey

Solution - Innova Bilisim Cozumleri A.S. (1st cat. Horizontal)

Solution - Innova Bilisim Cozumleri A.S. (2nd cat. Vertical)

Solution - Bulutistan (3rd cat. Start-ups)

Solution - Verifone (4th cat. Transformation)

Solution - Arcelik A.S. (5th cat. Impact)

UK United Kingdom

Showpad, Showpad (1st cat. Horizontal)

Accounting by Finacial Force - for Crunch (5th cat. Impact)